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Preston School Bus
Brendan Merrill

Brendan Merrill

Transportation Supervisor
Beth Welles

Beth Welles

Transportation Administrative Assistant/Dispatcher
Bill Badalucca

Bill Badalucca

Transportation Mechanic

SafeFleet RFID Tracking Cards for Students

Starting Thursday February 8th, 2024 students in grades 2 through 8, will use the cards to swipe on and off the bus. This information is relayed back to Safefleet in real time for the district to have an accurate knowledge of who is riding the bus at all times. Students in PreK, Kind, and 1st grades will not be issued cards, as the district policy states that those students are required to have someone home at drop off time.


Parents can download the School Bus Hub app for iPhone or Android, directions can be found under the transportation page on the district website. The app allows parents to have unique access to their child's bus route only. You will be able to follow along the bus route to see where it is enroute. Email notifications will be sent to parents informing them of when their child has been picked up and dropped off. It is highly encouraged that parents download the app. Parents will need to know their students 4 digit ID to log into the app, this is the same as their PowerSchool ID number.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the transportation department office at 860-887-9483 or email the Transportation Coordinator at


  • Rose Marie Aanerud
  • Odilia Bieger
  • Alexis Capen
  • Deb Devillez
  • Sherry Guertin
  • Teri Harris
  • Danielle King
  • Lenes LeBlanc
  • Sandra Lussier
  • Walt Majcher
  • Robbi McVicker
  • Donna Ninteau
  • Linda Records
  • Amy Sabrowski
  • Susette Singer

Safe Fleet - School Bus Hub

Preston Public Schools is partnering with Safe Fleet - School Bus Hub, Information and Parent Notification App. 

To learn more about this system please review the School Bus Information Brochure and the Student Ridership Tracking Brochure.